DEI Resource List


Better Evaluation

Developmental Evaluation Toolkit, Spark Policy Institute

DE Modules, Innoweave

What WorksTangata Whenua Community and Voluntary Sector Research Center



Developmental EvaluationApplying complexity concepts to enhance innovation and use (Quinn Patton, 2010)

Developmental Evaluation Exemplars: Principles in Practice (Quinn Patton, McKegg, & Wehipeihana, 2015)


The Case for Developmental Evaluation (Parkhurst, Preskill, Lynn, and Moore, 2016)

A Case Study on the Issue of Developmental Evaluation for Innovation: Navigating Uncertainty and Unpacking Complexity (Lam, 2011)

A Case Study on the Use of Developmental Evaluation for Navigating Uncertainty During Social Innovation (Lam, 2012)

Complex Systems and Developmental Evaluation: Two Case Studies (Wehipeihana & Grau)

Creative Ways to Solicit Youth Input (Public Profit, 2012)

Evaluation for the Way We Work (Quinn Patton, 2006)

Handbook for Participatory Action Research, Planning and Evaluation (Chevalier, 2013)

New Directions for Evaluation: Building a new generation of culturally responsive evaluators through AEA's Graduate Education Diversity Internship Program (American Evaluation Association, ed. Collins & Hopson, 2014)

Using Case Studies to do Program Evaluation (Balbach, 1999)



Planning and facilitating working sessions with evaluation stakeholders (Torres, 2016)

A Practitioners Guide to Developmental Evaluation (McConnell Family Foundation and IICRD, 201)

A Developmental Evaluation Primer (Gamble, 2008)


Sample Developmental Evaluation Reports

The Edmonton Shift Lab: Learning From Our First Year, Lead Evaluator: Mark Cabaj


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