7 Reasons to Submit a Piece for the DEI's inaugural e-Anthology

e anthology.jpg

7. The deadline is extended and you have more time! You may have been concerned about meeting our deadline, but you're in luck, we are now accepting pieces through April 10th!

6. You'll contribute to and be part of a virtual learning experience. You know that the way people learn about things is changing rapidly. To learn about a subject, it's becoming much rarer to check out a library book and more and more common to Google it. You're passionate about generating activity and discussion around DE , and want to be a part of this innovative way of doing so.

5. You embody your principles through song, dance, drawings, paintings, stories, or some other creative work. You do not have to be an evaluator to contribute to the anthology. We are looking for creative expressions of our guiding principles and want to represent various ways of knowing in the world. 

4. You've done a Developmental Evaluation, or used similar principles in your work. You know the pitfalls and challenges, and the possibility to unlock potential. You know what it's like and want to share share your experiences. Maybe you have a case study, a reflection, or a piece of art that came out of your work.

3. You want to get your name out there. This is your chance to be published in an up-and-coming, creative anthology that will almost certainly become a highly acclaimed, annual publication! (if you think we're kidding...)

2. You have a passion for social justice and a generosity of spirit. Again, you do not have to be a "traditional" evaluator.  You are deeply involved in social justice work and the complexity that comes with it. You live generously and thus want to share your wisdom and questions, and connect with others looking to grow.

1. You believe communities harness the power of change. You have seen the power of individuals to come together and navigate complex systems. You believe we are connected, and when we work together and listen to one another we can tap into deep wisdom. Our aim is that the e-Anthology begins to draw together a community that will help us all to harness this power. We are excited for you to be a part of it.