DE Guiding Principles: Social Justice Purpose

Illuminates, informs and supports what is being developed and how it addresses the root causes of systemic inequities, identifying the implications and consequences of what is being developed.

In complex situations, as people are innovating, Developmental Evaluation’s purpose is to support the innovation to develop by helping to:

  • identify what is emerging, as well as examining the dynamics of a situation

  • support decisions about what to carry forward, what to leave behind, what to adapt, what new things to do

  • unpack how context is affecting the development process including the degree, nature and consequences of adaptive innovation

  • track, monitor and interpret systems changes that might affect development

  • ensure real time feedback is available about emergent needs, challenges, flows of information and resources.

Questions to ask ourselves:

  • How comfortable is it to raise and unpack new and challenging issues with innovators and leaders?

  • How prepared are we to draw on and utilise a wide range of perspectives and networks to understand different situations and contexts?

18.09.07 DE GP_ Developmental Purpose (1).png